Proposal Processing

Pre-award Process

Patrick Ingram, Grants and Contracts Specialist, and Dr. Wayne C. Glasgow, Senior Vice Provost for University Research, should be the initial contacts for anyone considering writing a grant/contract proposal.If faculty or staff members are considering submitting to a foundation, Shawna R. Dooley, Asst. Vice President of Advancement, should be an initial contact as well for prior approval of the selected foundation.These contacts should be made as early as possible to facilitate the submission process as detailed below.

Dr. Wayne C. Glasgow can advise faculty and staff if the proposal would require committee approvals.The committees meet once a month so advance notice would ensure timely approvals.

The Grants and Contracts Specialist in the Grants and Contracts Office (GCO) will request a copy or a link to a copy of the proposal guidelines.This allows GCO time to review the guidelines which vary by agency. This person is also available to help faculty put together their proposal budgets to review salary and benefit information, allowability of costs included in the budget, indirect cost calculations, etc. After assisting with this process and the final proposal is completed, the faculty or staff should complete the proposal transmittal form. The PI should obtain approvals from his/her Department Chair/Supervisor and Dean prior to submitting to the GCO. In order to allow enough time for all parties to review the final proposal and to submit signatures, GCO requests the proposal package be submitted 10 business days before the deadline.The GCO will route the proposal electronically for remaining signatures.

Approvals/signatures required are listed below.

  • GCO
  • Legal Counsel, if applicable
  • Regulatory Compliance Office, if required by the committees
  • Health & Safety, if applicable
  • Senior VP for Finance, if cash match
  • Advancement, for any private corporation or foundation

Additionally, the GCO and Shawna R. Dooley provide resources to assist in finding funding opportunities. Shawna R. Dooley will research Foundations and the GCO will search federal and other funding opportunities utilizing University resources. Shawna R. Dooley can be contacted directly at x2720. GCO can be contacted directly or using the Funding Opportunities Search Form on the web site.

Updated: July 7, 2016